Sotone Riza

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Before Crypton thought about creating Megurine Luka with
the capability of singing in English, which in turn, opens up
the possibility of true multilingualism, this concept has
already been hatched, carefully planned and made
possible. That is what Riza represents for the older
VOCALOID generation; multilingualism! Existing Vocaloids
from Crypton and Internet Co. are still capable of fluency in
languages other than Nippongo!

Enter Sotone Riza, the Multilingual Vocaloid based from
the wonderful voice of Hatsune Miku! We admit, it's not an
independent VOCALOID, but the point of her existence is this;
VOCALOIDS, no matter where they're from, are
capable of true multilingualism! It can be hard, but
it can be really done.


Despite Miku’s surprising popularity in all over the world, for a mere
computer vocal synthesis program, unfortunately, it is seen that content
creation involving her and the other VOCALOIDS remain rather low
Japan. If there are any, some would be substandard in comparison,
and are
not very well done.

Everyday in Nico-Nico Douga and in YouTube, you
will see plenty of
Japanese VOCALOID songs, but very few non-Japanese
songs. The only
exception to this is those sung by Megurine Luka, who is
designed for
both English and Japanese language, resulting in English

Perhaps the saving grace in all this is
the high output of fan art and derivatives
in both east and west. Japan’s
window to fan art is PIAPRO, also run by Crypton
Future Media, and Pixiv,
a similar fan content site,
while in the western world,
we have DeviantArt.

Using the same
formula Crypton has used
for Hatsune
aims to raise awareness of VOCALOID, its
potential for multilingualism,
using what else? A mascot cartoon
character that is represented as an
evolution for the VOCALOID users.
That’s what Sotone Riza is for.


Her English name is Riza Sotone. Unlike other VOCALOIDS, she has
true name (like how celebrities has a different stage name from real name).

Age 18 Preferred Genre Pop Songs, Electronic Music,
Interpretative, OPM
Height 165.1cm Preferred Tempo Range 85-140 BPM
Weight 50kg Effective Sound Range A3~C5

Like with all VOCALOIDS, Riza is not limited to the mentioned Sound Range.


The following are song samples or full-length music featuring Riza's voice.
These are provided as proof of concept, especially in a particular language.
Work files of the sample songs may be obtained in the Downloads section.
This section will be continuously updated in the future.

Song Language Link
Sotone-san Ganbatte Japanese and English Soon
I’m in love with my master English WIP

Redistribution of the music are allowed as long as proper credit and
citation is given
to original composers of the featured songs.
Song covers, revivals and remixes are permitted.


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